Our Vending Machines

Refresh yourself at one of our many Softdrink Vending Machines. Guaranteed to keep you cool during a long summer day.




Need a boost of energy to get you through the day? Enjoy a delicious coffee from one of our many Coffee Machines and kick the rest of your work day in the "you know what".

Forgot your lunch? Reddi-Vend has you covered. Our snack machines contain many healthy snacks that will tame your cravings wherever you may be. Our Food Machines can also provide you a great meal while on the go. 

Reddi-Vend Ltd is a vending company located in the Sudbury, Ontario area. We specialize in supplying various vending products and services with the upmost efficiency. When it comes to refreshments, we've go you covered!

If you're wondering how to get one of our machines in your workplace, visit our Contact Us page and get a hold of us. You can also leave comments or concerns you are having about one of our many machines.